Monday, March 12, 2012

Finished quilts

I finished off a lot of quilts this past week, (well 6 to be exact).  It is very easy for me to start on a new quilt top before I complete the current top.  So I got to work and although I planned, in my mind, a number of new quilts, I was able to finish my  top stash.
First I finished the Irish Chain :

Then I added boarders to the Autumn Virginia Reel, which I know made it look much better.

Next came the Medallion (the center is a Feathered Star) quilt and the Half Log Cabin, check out the back side of them.
The back of this one, the Half Log Cabin, shows one of my favorite things to do to back a quilt.  I use up as much of the left over scraps from the front as possible.  Sometimes I also use fabric from other quilts if I like the way the color goes with the top. Which is how I backed the Medallion and the Country Lanes quilts.
The last one I worked on was another Virginia Reel, which I made using the colors from the blueberry photo in Souplantation.

So this is what I did this past week, backing, tying, quilting, and binding these quilts.  It was fun and very satisfying when I finished them.  They are all for sale so get in touch with me at or reply to this blog. Also check out my website:

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