Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Stretched star beginnings

More on Stretched Star...

So all of the fabrics are cut and now it's time to decide what  method  to use to make the block.

Read all of these directions before deciding.

 I have 2 choices, either the flat corner block or the pocket corner block (my names for them).  Both look very similar, but are made in two different ways.  Above is a sample of them.
On the left is the pocket block, in the middle is the flat block and on the right are the 2 extra mini-squares you get if you do the flat block. These mini-squares are not used in this quilt.

The flat block takes more preparation time, in that it has to be marked on the wrong side. The pocket block takes more sewing time, it has to be basted onto the large block, but this may be done by machine. I'll show both methods, first the flat block.

To make the flat block first mark the wrong side of the smaller squares diagonally across from corner to corner.

Then mark again 1/2 inch away, this line will not go from corner to corner, but is parallel to the first line.

Then you may mark a dotted line in between these two.

Next place two of these squares on opposite corners of the 6 inch square, right sides facing, as shown.

Now sew along all four of the solid lines, (2 lines on each of the smaller squares).

Next cut along the dotted line.  If you did not mark this line you may measure over 1/4 inch from the first line marked and cut there. Press the two corners open.

This large block should measure 6 in. square. The 2 smaller half triangle squares will be 2 1/2 in. square.  These smallest squares are extras and are not used in this quilt.  You may save them to use in a 'doll quilt'.  If you don't care to save them, then don't bother to sew the 2nd line (the one that does not go from corner to corner) on the small square, simply trim off the corners and toss.

To make the pocket corner block, start by folding the small square in half diagonally, wrong sides together.

Then place them on the 6 inch square in opposite

Sew these corners down very closely to the edge of the square.  You want these seams to be within the 1/4 inch seam allowance.  This may be done by hand and is a great take along project when you have free time.

The pocket block should look like this when finished.

So now decide which way...I'm doing the pocket block.  Get all the blocks done and next time we put it all together.

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