Friday, February 17, 2012

Picking colors for your quilt cont.

A great example of what I was talking about last time.  All these fabrics come from the same textile manufacturer, they have the same intensity of color, and most have some green in them. By the way this is just one block so you'll see these same colors repeated over the whole surface of the quilt, which helps it co-ordinate too.  I'll post a photo of the top when I have it completed.

Another really good way of picking out color schemes (CS) is to look at advertising.  Big corporations spend millions on researching colors and how they go togerther, so why not borrow from them?

Seriously, I have often thought of making a 7-11 quilt. 
Or how about an am pm quilt?
These are bright complimentary colors that look good together because they have been analyzed for their intensity, hue, and shade.  Dont' worry about this just go ahead and use the colors as you see them.  The amount of each color is also important.  In the 7-11 sign you can see that the green has twice the amount of the red or orange.  So keep that in mind, but you say I want an orange quilt.  Fine then make the orange the primary color, and use only half as much red and green. Also note that there is white between each line of color.   What about AM PM ?  They all look pretty equal. So you could use them equally or emphasize one color over another, just as AM PM did in this sign.
They used all of their colors, but emphasized the orange.  I think I might emphasize the blue in my quilt.

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