Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Quilt color using everyday things

Thinking along the lines of finding commercial places or products to inspire color scemes for quilts, I went to the grocery store yesterday.  The products you see there are colored just for us,  there are thousands of things screaming for our attention.  So I decided to let the kid in me loose and checked out the candy isle.
This is not to say that the orange and blue of Tide or FireFox could not inspire us, but candy seemed fun.
I found that I had already used some of the color schemes. And why not, in this one I rearranged the amounts and had a little less of the orange and more of the white, with a sprinkle of the brown.
Another quilt I made, my husband gave me the idea by pointing out a photo on the wall at Souplantation of blueberries. Which turned into this;

Great color ideas can come from anywhere.

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